The Indian Education Center (IEC) offers after-school programming to Oakland Native students in grades 6-12, Monday-Thursday. AICRC/IEC youth represent many different tribes from across the country, many of them from more than one tribe. Our goal at IEC is to meet the academic, cultural, and linguistic needs of American Indian students, as well as the needs that come from living in an urban environment. Our students are offered: Tutoring, Cultural Enrichment, Field Trip Excursions, Case Management, Healthy Snacks, Gardening and more!


The IEC after-school program is free! To join, students must:

* Attend a school in Oakland, CA or Alameda, CA

* Identify/Self-Identify as Native American



The after-school program offers an hour of homework/tutoring to students. Our tutors are well trained and able to provide one-on-one attention to the youth. Our program works closely with students and their schools to ensure that youth receive the help they need.


Field Trips

IEC students are given the opportunity to attend a wide array of field trips with the after-school program. Field trips in the past have included: A’s/Giants games, Disney on Ice performances, Golden State Warriors games, Oakland Raiders games, Aquariums, Museums, College Campuses, Powwow’s and more! Our goal is to provide diverse programming to students that is fun and educational.


Case Management

IEC staff serve as a vital link between American Indian families and the school system. Conferences between parents, teachers and other school site staff are coordinated through IEC staff, assisting families in navigate the nuances of Oakland schools. Youth are involved in setting goals and held accountable for their progress. Each of the students involved in programming has a case manager (who is an IEC staff member) who provides support to the student and family by: attending school meetings; furnishing transport; and maintaining consistent communication with parents. Our goal is for youth to feel supported and empowered in meeting their personal, spiritual, emotional, and academic goals.


Cultural Arts/Media Arts

Through the participation in cultural arts activities, students deepen their understanding and sense of identity as young Native persons. The focus on American Indian culture allows youth, who are raised in urban areas, often removed from Native art forms and traditions, to be exposed to their culture in an interactive way. The cultural and media arts programs are a way to integrate the broad, intricate components of diverse American Indian culture and history into the consciousness of Native youth in Oakland.

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

TUPE workshops focus on the traditional uses of tobacco, the negative effects of commercial tobacco use, and the misuse of Indian imagery in the marketing of commercial tobacco products. Youth learn about making positive choices in their lives, as well as critical thinking skills. The group is open to middle and high school students.

Daughters/Sons of Tradition

The Daughters/Sons of Tradition groups focus on providing a space in which Native youth are able have deep and rich conversations regarding identity, culture, traditions and history.



IEC offers transportation to the after-school program to most* students, as well as transportation home provided the youth attend school and reside in Oakland, CA.

*Transportation to the after-school program is based on the number of students our program picks up at a given school and proximity to our program. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see if we are able to pick up your student.